Threeory started with 3 musicians, Mark – the pianist, Sai – the violinist jamming together with a drummer. Today, it is one of the most sought after band in Hyderabad and has been awarded the Best Live Act award at the India Nightlife Convention and Awards.

The initial objective of the band was to collaborate with other artists from the country and explore various genres. We were joined by Syntyche Mongro the vocalist later in mid year 2014, and Along on guitars, where the band started to share the same vision. Tarun Vishal, the drummer joined the band later and made the band complete.

Coming from different parts of the country with diversity in their cultures and background, we found ourselves somewhere we always wanted to be. With great enthusiasm and passion, we managed to instantly connect with each other musically with our own unique talent, and began to share a special bond working as a team.

We initially began by playing at various coffee shops and hotels in the city which gave us the opportunity to play for elite places and bigger venues. Now we are involved with different event managers who book us for corporate events, weddings, get-togethers, expo, innaugurals, concerts etc.

The Band

Mark Pro

Devendra aka. Mark

Pianist, Composer, Teacher

Syntyche Mongro

Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Maverick

Synty Pro

Datta Sai

Violinist, Maître d’improvisation

Senti Along

Guitarist, Singer, Rockstar

Along Pro
Tarun Pro

Tarun Vishal

Drummer, Percussionist, Road Warrior

Kishore aka Kenny

Media & PR Manager


Connect With Us

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To Threeorize your events, pick up the phone and call Kenny

+91 970 468 6358
+91 918 207 4690


Music Production

Threeory has a great music production team and produces its own music.

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